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Friday, August 29, 2008

Putting the Cart Before the Horse in PARLIAMENT

We are all quite familiar with how how bills or new laws get passed in the Malaysian Parliament.
Voters are seldom or never consulted by their MPs and most times it is left to NGOs to protest or sign petitions after the bills are rushed through.

So it is no surprise that the new leader of the Opposition led a charge of opposition MPs out of the House yesterday as covered by this malaysiakini article:
"DNA bill: PKR supremo leads walkout in protest"

The Home Minister "has insisted on not setting the parliamentary select committee to re-examine the new bill, which oppositions legislators had argued as fundamentally flawed and politically-motivated."

In most democracies it is the parliamentary select committee that sets the ball rolling so that when bills are up for debate most of the defects would have been ironed out and the public would have been educated on the proposed law so that they can inform their MP their views.

It appears this Parliament may be running on borrowed time and they want to get the "flawed" bill rushed through.
Even a BN MP has questioned the wisdom of such an act for some basic weakness.
The sad thing is that he was the lone voice of dissent. Syabas to the Sabah MP - we need more people like you in Parliament.

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Patrick said...

does the parliament need a 2/3 majority or simple majority to pass the bill ...