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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Blame GOD for MRR2 Failures.....

malaysiakini has this story:
"PAC: Cabinet followed proper procedures in selection of engineers"

So far no one has thought of blaming God for this expensive fiasco that is creating massive jams in KL.
In most cases when a mistake or error is made, after all the BN is only human, the rectification works is done to a higher standard than the original so that people will forget about the mistake.

This has not happened to the ill-fated MRR2 project where the expensive repairs are now in doubt and contrary to the PAC's Chairman's confidence that only
"The carbon fibre snapped. Out of 26 done, only one (snapped). Do you blame JKR for that?", Azmi said".

This is a man-made project of materials, procedures and controls and if even there is a single failure it is only a question of time before others fail.

I had a brief look at a paper on carbon fibres and concrete structure below:

It indicates that highly skilled workers properly supervised are needed to do the installation.
The following extract shows the possible problem areas:

"6.1 Placing of the carbon fibre composite
No work was permitted at temperatures higher than 25ºC or lower than 5ºC. Wind speed was to be
minimal and there was to be no risk of rain.
The system layers were built up as follows in a continuous process ( 5. to 11. without interruption ):
1. Preparation and repair (if necessary) of soffit
2. Vacuum clean
3. Apply primer
4. Place levelling layer, Concresive 1446 (if necessary)
5. First layer of saturant
6. First layer of carbon fibre
7. Second layer of saturant
8. Second layer of carbon fibre
9. Third layer of saturant
10. Third layer of carbon fibre
11. Final layer of saturant
12. Barracryl D protective coating (applied after testing)
Special tools were used for the working of the saturant through the carbon fibre to create a
homogeneous and wrinkle-free composite. Figure 6 shows the first layer - a levelling layer of
Concresive 1446 - being placed on the
first beam in span 1."

Were there short cuts taken to hasten the repair works? At least one member of the PAC was in the correct frame of mind when he suggested
"more concrete proposals would be formulated to ensure long-lasting solutions for the MMR2 once the investigation report had been finalised and a full PAC meeting had deliberated on the findings".

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donplaypuks® said...

Dear Angus

If you are a fan of the British tv series 'Yes, Minister' & 'Yes, Prime Minister' you will realise what they hope to achieve by appointing ex-Ministers & Deputy Minsiters to important committees such as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

It is to make sure that as much as possible of the truth will NEVER surface. You can see it when the Chairman says Samy Velu will not be called since he is no longer the Minister. The whole sordid waste of public funds happened under Samy's watch and so there is every reason to make sure Samy is grilled until all the facts are known. Yet the PAC pretends that nothing would be gained by asking Samy to answer questions under oath!! Strange attitude wouldn't you say?

Remember, the total cost today stands at RM308 million and the meter is still running. And they have still not recovered the RM 70 million repairs cost from the contractor, a Plc. Why such generosity.

PKR, DAP & PAS cannot allow the crooks to continually get away with hoodwinking the PEOPLE & TAXPAYERS!! Do your duty persistently & without fear and we will back you all the way.

Refer to my blog 'NEW KEPO SAYANG BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS AT CRACKING PACE' at http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com