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Thursday, August 14, 2008

That UiTM Demo - How PATHETIC and also SAD

If you watched the students' demo and also the threatening remarks of a UiTM official on TV3 a few days back, you would feel sorry for such people as they do not know that they are the real victims of the BN's brainwashing for more than 50 years.

Maybe it is the strategy of the ruling powers to forever keep compliant such a section of the population with their NEP ideology of "Never Enabled Principles" so that those at the upper levels will reap the maximum benefits.

What does the future hold for such graduates? Well, you could hope to be noticed for some worthwhile scheme ala sodomy and maybe your future will be better. For the 99% of the rest, you get a degree that no one except the government and your college will recognise.

malaysiakini has the story here:
"PM vetoes call to open UiTM to non-Malays"

I did not know our PM had such veto powers. This episode shows how serious the race problem is in our universities when national leaders are not prepared to face the problems of their own making.
The ultimate losers are those who graduate from universities of dubious distinction. Even if the doors were opened to others, only the very desperate would want to be admitted.


chong said...

they see it as some sort of wealth.

nobody will wanna let go of his wealth. they simply can't see it as they have been fooled.

i would say brilliant strategy by mamak & BN to forever holding on the power.

yatim said...

A political drama well carried out by the UMNO sponsored goons in UiTM. Only GOD can save the blocked mind of the UiTM students. A simple suggestion could create such a response????? What a pityful situation. It's becoming that the Malays could not engage in any intelectual discussion. Their brains has been washed over the last 50 years. Nothing can be debated in a civilised manner. It shows that even after a 30 years of the racist policy of the NEP, the Malays still lack the confidence and the knowledge to take up a discussion. Just too pity of them.

malayamuda said...

only OKU's - ornag kurang upaya will react this way when benefits are to be taken away from them...

UMNO has made all Malays OKU. I suggest all of us put an OKU sticker on our car from today.

Cmon we need help for everything man....to walk, to stand, to learn, to work........only thing we dont need help is to F&#K, eat, shit and sleep !!

Shamshul said...

To those protesters at UiTM, let's be honest here. Even if the UiTM admitted non-Malay students, do we necessarily think that non-Malays, especially Chinese, would ever consider studying there? The university is a laugh. Even a Malay like me would not go there for study. So, there is no need for such a big and vociferous demo. These people are just going to make UiTM an even bigger laughing stock.

kayangsari said...

Why should you feel sad? Whats so pathetic about the incident? Hello, if a political leader makes a no-so-politically strategic statement and if a group feels disgruntled because of it, the latter should feel free to assemble peacefully to air their grievances just like Hindraf and Bersih groups. This is the very essence of democracy. Wake up lah.

MagM said...

Why would any non-Malay want to send their children to UiTM unless they are very desperate? It is not the best of higher learning or what. I'd rather send my children to learn some skills than to graduate from a college that is not respected by employers. Moreover, if you let your children study with those who are lazy and not so bright, your children will end up as one too. However, they might end up as top student but what is the use of being best among the fools? Malays must learn to be confident like other races and compete at par. Only then will they be able to improve themselves and be competitive in this ever changing world. It is so sad that so many Malays don't realise this. Greed for special rights and treatment will only destroy you.