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Friday, August 29, 2008

SYABAS to the ACA for PUSPAKOM Action!

This is one government agency that has exhibited a new lease of life ever since they did not have to get the sanction of the AG's office to bring cases to trial.

In any nation that wants to fight corruption properly, the fewer people in the chain of command the more effective the battle against corruption will be. The ACA can be even more effective if it becomes independent of the PM's office.

In recent months we have seen action being taken against Immigration officers and now the latest story as described in this malaysiakini article:
"ACA officers pose as tea boys to bust scam"

All it takes is an application of the saying, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Just like to share a little incident that happened in Hawaii more than 10 years ago.
My family of 6 was walking along the main shopping center in Honolulu when suddenly there was some scuffling nearby and we saw a guy being arrested.
There was a sexily clad woman and she was being assisted by cops in uniform. Basically the guy was being arrested for agreeing a price with the "prostitute" cop.

It is good that the Transport Minister also wants the JPJ to be investigated for I suspect learner drivers are still being passed even though they are not up to standard.

An even more startling scandal has been reported by the Sun.
Land alienation should always be thoroughly investigated as it is such an old method of corruption. I remember in Ipoh a play-ground in the center of the city was halved in the 70s and given to some connected parties.
In the case of Bandar Utama land the ACA should look into those secret meetings.

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1 comment:

Khun Pana said...

The various actions by the aca now are 10 ( TEN ) years too late!
Maybe they are serious now or just to cover up whats lacking of badawi.
The public no longer buys smoke screen stories of umno.
And we still need to change the Aca ,implement the IPCMC , Suhakam to have some legal authority .