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Saturday, August 30, 2008

If Proper Actions are Taken with Every AG's REPORT, CORRUPTION Can Be Controlled

I don't mean Attorney-General but Auditor-General whose painstaking work each year is a major "Don't Do List" for the various ministries.

Unfortunately for those who worry where their hard earned contributions go in the form of taxes, it seems each year is a like a broken record with the amounts getting larger and larger.

malaysiakini has this report of RM9.56m worth of teaching equipment 'missing'.

An even more shocking report is made of the Bakun dam where malaysiakini also reports further financial leaks.
"An additional RM708 million was approved by the Finance Ministry although the contract has clearly stated that any risk for additional cost should be borne by MCHJV."

No wonder the government can be generous to grant the RM20 free electricity.
If you consider the RM20 free electricity per month and supposing that is granted to 300000 households, the total amount per year is only RM6million.

I wonder if there is any serious debate in Parliament on the Auditor-Generals's Report?

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