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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Just Revisit but Resolve the '88 Judicial Crisis

malaysiakini is starting a series of article on the '88 Judicial Crisis and starts off with :
"Revisiting the '88 judiciary crisis"

While it is good for such articles to educate younger Malaysians, we need to do more to resolve all the problems that resulted from the ferocious onslaught on the Judiciary that has resulted in a terminally afflicted institution that impinges on all aspects of our lives such as:
  1. Religious conversion cases
  2. Business conflicts
  3. Corruption trials
  4. Election fraud

Once the Judiciary is compromised and the police force gets corrupted, it does not take long for the cancer to spread to other bodies like political parties though some will attest that the latter were corrupted long before the other two got afflicted.

So how does a corrupt police officer investigate a corrupt politician who knows a corrupt judge? Do subscribe to malaysiakini and read the series of articles. Maybe you may be able to suggest how we can get out of this Gordian knot.

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