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Monday, August 27, 2007

Staying Home is Better than Risking Your Life

This problem is expected.
Bus drivers are feeling the heat from the operation to crack down on errant companies and rogue drivers and there is a threat to upset the plans of the travelling public during the next "balik kampong" festival.

I suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry and if one cannot return to one's hometown during the crowded season, one should plan to do so at a more convenient time that ensures you actually get home safely.

If it can be helped I refuse to travel during the main festivals as the highways are not only crowded but also infested with too many inexperienced drivers.

I just shift the travel time to within a month of the festival and travel outside of the peak periods. The main purpose of any travel is to arrive safely and not become a victim in some horrible pile-up.

The authorities should not let up on the traffic offenders and safety operation. I sat in a JB town bus this afternoon and observed the bus driver giving some hand signals to his friend on another bus to indicate "nothing ahead". Perhaps that guy is also on the wanted list?


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