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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Excellent Service from Some Government Departments

Maybe I can be considered biased as I have 3 daughters and a son, but I think the government has done the right thing to promote women into the higher echelons of the civil service and some departments are now delivering excellent service to the public.

Kudos to the IRB for promising to return taxpayers all backdated taxes as I am sure thousands of taxpayers will be happy to read of this public undertaking.

Some taxpayers have refunds dating back a few years but no annual statement stating the credit has been given by the IRB so one wonders if somehow the monies could have been stolen by rogue officers; similar to what happens to dormant accounts in some banks.

Apart from the IRB, the JPJ and Immigration departments have made tremendous improvements in their service counters and I understand that they are now testing applying for a passport via bank ATMs.

To all those hardworking women leaders in the civil service, WELL DONE!
How do you think we can progress more if Malaysia had a woman PM?


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