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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Education Ministry Should Not Backtrack

It would be a mistake for the ministry to backtrack on English for the following reasons:

1.The same reasons to postpone the use of English will be given next year.
2.Remedial measures to improve teaching standards will also be delayed.
3.Pupils and teachers will not make a better effort to teach and learn in English.

I would let the papers be tested in English but moderate the passing marks so that the same percentage as the average of the last four years will be achieved. The following year, the moderating can be stricter with better proficiency of the language.

That is the true test and really no need to conduct surveys.

It is also surprising to learn that the milk scheme to schools is a big money spinner for some companies. Perhaps we should allow more competition here so that quality improves.

Education is a tough ministry and it also needs tough decisions.


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