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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Job by Tourism Ministry

VMY2007 appears to be a huge success with a shortage of rooms in the popular areas.

Instead of allowing visitors to overstay in places like KL and Penang, perhaps offer them trips to Ipoh or Seremban and other places that are not so crowded.

Even Cameron Highlands can be promoted to those who like a more relaxed pace.
I think Malaysia is a paradise for those who like food, sun and sand plus shopping at good prices!
But we still need to work on the public security and safety issues.


Zawi said...

I have not been to the tourist areas of Kl for some time so i cant say for sure about the truth of such statements by our ministers these days. in another word I will feel sceptic about it. It maybe just a feel good statement after spending millions to promote VMY. Given the millions spent on The eye of Kuala Kumpur I consider putting up such a structure at that cost for just a year is outright waste of money. Maybe they could have procured it and make it a permanent given the amount spent on the one year rental.
There are other aspect of tourism that are clearly lacking when people come to visit Malaysia. Topmost on our mind is their safety as you correctly mention it. Even our own people dont feel safe in our own country. What more the tourists.
Secondly is the standard of cleanliness be it for our toilets and the scarcity of it. Another is the way the we dispose our rubbish. As long as we allow the use of plastics especially the nonbiodegradable ones, we will continue to choke up our rivers with it.
Signages are sorely lacking in many parts of the country. Only definite tourist areas have sufficint signages. Planning to overcome this minor hiccups should be carried out before we start VMY. Only such a way can we ensure that VMY has far reaching effect and not just a one off event. Otherwise people will not come back after having a bad impression of the country during VMY.

H J Angus said...

thanks for your comments.

Guess if the hotels are running out of rooms, the tourists are coming.

But as you rightly mention, the standards are quite bad as far as facilities are concerned. Most toilets are a shame - only those in 5-star hotels are good.

Just read that the Singapore Eye is booked solid for the first 3 months when it opens sometime in 2008 but that is about 5times bigger than the KL eye.