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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


MalaysiaWatch Poll 28 seems to have been affected by some kind of malfunction or sabotage.

Before the incident occurred, there were 35 readers who took the poll with the following responses to the question:

“Why Do You Think the Government has Changed its Mind about Disclosing Toll Agreements?”

All 35 pollsters picked an answer that was NOT “I Support the Government’s Decision.”

One person picked “The Government has made a Major Blunder with Secret Toll Agreements”.

About 5 persons picked,” The Public Have Been Cheated and Disclosure Will Anger the Citizens.”

29 readers chose,” The OSA Have been Abused to Faour Government Cronies. Toll Agreements Should be Made Public.”

I am sorry that the poll is not working anymore. If you take the poll, only one tally is recorded. I guess the results are not flattering for some people.

1 comment:

H J Angus said...

I will keep this poll on for a few days.