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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

After 50 Years Malaysian Leaders Have Yet to Mature

Of course no Malaysian leader has been in charge for 50 years, God forbid that and heaven help us if that were possible.

But we do have the ruling coalition that has been in power for so long that many people cannot think that if we had a more influential opposition to provide more checks and balances in Parliament, Malaysia should be able to challenge even Singapore to generate wealth for all the people.

Given our immense oil and gas wealth and a larger market, we should at least be able to trial that tiny red dot as a close second. But alas we keep losing our brain power so that even today we have government sponsored doctors who remain overseas after making good use of the taxpayers' monies.

We have witnessed the loss of billions of our national wealth through well-known scandals like the BMF,MAMINCO,currency speculation, Perwaja,Mv Augusta, Bakun and it seems PKFZ should also be included and yet not a single person has resigned or brought to justice.

Each year we churn out thousands of graduates who cannot be employed and we should expect that a few dozens of these will provide fertile recruitment targets for terrorist groups. After all we had one Malaysian with a well-paid job who became an international bomber.

Some people say that Malaysia is an Islamic nation because the country is governed following good Islamic principles. Does it mean that universal values of good governance are exclusive to Islam?

Of course many will complain that there is not much good governance in Malaysia anyway and people just make unauthorised declarations.
Parliament of course has become an expensive rubber stamp that should have been able to stand the recent roof leakages.

So dear reader if you want Malaysia to survive the next 50 years we need more responsible people in Parliament. When you meet your MP the before the next elections, ask him a few questions on how he can help Malaysia progress. Before you do that make sure you are registered to vote.

As for the PM's latest declaration, I regret writing a letter to malaysiakini about six months after he took office urging people to "give him more time".

Happy 50th Kemerdekaan Malaysia (or Malaya)!


Trashed said...

Perhaps you should construct a scorecard of the PM's election promises and results todate. It has been almost 4 yrs and I think the records will show.

Zawi said...

When Pak Lah took over from TDM we had high hopes of him based on his election promises. Little did we know that he would lie to us and never meant to keep his promises. Now that we know, let us see how he will fare in the next election.
For any change to happen we must start doing our bit to ask our fellow Malaysians to believe that he is just another liar. There are still Malaysians who believe in him despite of all his lies.kiuaqcrb