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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Malaysia Needs a More Transparent System to Appoint Judges

How can a a civilised nation accept a situation where the post of Chief Judge goes unfilled for eight months?

Clearly something is amiss in the the selection and evaluation process when such an important position is not filled in a timely manner.

It seems that a Judical Commission may provide a better system than the current one where the Prime Minister vets the selection made by the Chief Justice and the choice is then approved by the Council of Rulers.

Maybe we can copy the USA style and use a Select Committee where perhaps 3 or 4 candidates nominated by the Chief Justice are called before the Committee and asked questions about their work or lifestyle.

This committee will be made up of MPs, similar to the PAC and also perhaps someone from the Bar Council. They will recommend perhaps 2 names to the Prime Minister for submission to the Agong for selection.

As we advance as a nation, we need to improve such procedures that may have worked in the past but now appear to be inadequate.

Chart to show selection criteria. You can make your own. Best candidate is one with most points. For lifestyle inappopriate lifestyle scores lower marks. Maximum points is 10 for each factor.


1 comment:

Zawi said...

Nobody questioned the appointment of judges till after Tan Sri Salleh Abas. Its only post Salleh Abas that it became a problem. The judiciary was independent then.
Luckily for us the rulers intervened. Otherwise nobody will respect the senior judges.