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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to Monitor Bus Companies and Errant Drivers?

One of Steven Covey's principles is "Begin with the End in Sight" and I believe this can be applied to the numerous problems with bus companies and fleeing drivers.

The move by the police to go after the bus companies is timely and and once again proves that we already have enough laws to control the problems.

A bus company exists because it operates buses and I believe the following measures will enable the authorities to control the accident situation better:

1.Bus companies are authorised to operate only a fixed number of vehicles on any approved routes; subject to annual reviews.
2.All outstation trips to be approved with fixed schedules.
3.Bus drivers must be company employees, with a variable percentage perhaps 25% who may drive on contract.
4.Strict checks to be made on contract drivers by the company before they are allowed to drive on any trip.

Repeat offences by the company will result in suspension or cancellation of the bus permit.
While it is good the authorities have taken stern measures to curb the errant companies, it will be more effective and a longer lasting solution if after the current intensive course of enforcement, a consistent and continuous enforcement is planned.

That could mean redesign of work schedules of enforcement to cover three shifts and not incur too much overtime as in the current blitz?

Photo: Thanks to the Star

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