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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Malaysia Needs More Parents Like These

Raising a family is such a difficult task and if burdened with financial problems it can become a desperate one.

Most parents strive to provide the best for their children but unfortunately some parents prey on their own children as seen in the many cases of rape and even infanticide reported in recent months.

This family had six members and the mother was a housewife. The eldest daughter must have shown great determination for the parents to sacrifice a lot to enable her to study medicine as that was her great ambition.

Malaysia badly needs more parents like these who were able to motivate their daughter to struggle and strive hard to fulfill her goals.

SYABAS Shirley and your proud parents! You are a fantastic example of what people can achieve without any government assistance. It is sad that Malaysia did not see it appopriate to admit you to a local university to study medicine.

Thanks to the Star for a "feel good" story!

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