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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Illegals: Prevention Definitely Better than Cure

The numbers are disappointing – of 10,000 illegals that were caught, only 33 have been deported.

If we guess that only 10% of the illegals have been detained, there could be another 90,000 illegals in the country and definitely some of them will resort to robbery and theft to survive.

It appears that more should be done to prevent illegals from entering the country rather than trying to nab them once they arrive.

Let us remember that many illegals already have relatives here and some citizens could also be sheltering illegals.

Having so many illegals also spawns other nefarious deeds like bribing officials of the following departments:

Water supply




Local council

Having tens of thousands of illegal immigrants definitely increases the probability of government officials being subject to bribes and other inducements. Perhaps that causes the perception that bribery and corruption is a way of life here.

Although Malaysia has a fairly large coastline, perhaps we should allocate more defence resources to secure our national boundaries against illegal entry rather than going for sophisticated weaponry that is only useful in a war.

Already ordinary Malaysians are struggling with a daily battle against a high crime wave that has been exacerbated with the growing influx of illegals.

Nowadays even Google Earth can provide detailed views of exact locations. I am sure that with a few geo-stationary satellites we should be able to detect even small boats with illegals or land crossings that can be speedily intercepted with fast patrol boats and helicopters deployed at strategic points on the coasts.

Any boats that carry illegals will be destroyed or given to local fishermen if found suitable.

Do you think an annual budget of RM250m will suffice to upgrade the present facilities for such a defence capability?

Photo: Thanks to the Star


Yan said...

The illegals are not the top priority problems for our government. That's why we could even see illegal enclaves thrive in KL eg. Selayang & Chow kits.

These illegals not only caused social problems, they posed a health threat to us. They also indirectly "deprived" jobs for the locals. Given the opportunities to exploit for cheap labours from these illegals, the employers prefer the illegals to the locals.

There are also illegals in the hawker business in cities & small towns. (Last year or so, there was this big complaint from Seremban hawkers that published in the news daily). How many complaints were not publicised?

It seems that, to our government, their priority is to keep in power. Any dissent or threat to their power from the opposition, bloggers etc. will be dealt with promptly. And this is called efficiency! Who said our government is not efficient?

Zawi said...

HJ Angus and Yan, you are spot on there about our government lack of priority to curb illegal immigrant. The borders are so porous. Lots of money are spent on useless millitary hardwares like submarines and sukhois jet. The replacement of the Nuri helicopter (flying coffins)should be a priority as it can help in our border patrol or despatch of personnels when our borders are breached.
How stupid can our leaders be?