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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mangosteens and another Rent Seeker

I like to eat mangosteens and was fortunate during my youth to stay in a house that had eight trees. During the season I used pluck and eat them by the baskets.

We were warned not to get the juice on our clothes as the sap could result in a permanent stain.

Nowadays the fruit is sold by weight and I usually buy 3 kg for about RM10. It works out to about RM0.30 per fruit.

I bought some today at a fruit stall near the Tebrau market in JB close to the damaged road separator in yesterday's post.

I asked the Malay stall holder how much rental he was paying.
The answer, "about RM1000 per month."

I said, "That's a little costly. Pay to MBJB?"

He said, "No pay to another party. If MBJB will be cheaper. Been paying for many years now."

I wonder why the MBJB does not take back all such rent-seeking schemes. Unless the licencee actually runs the stall he should not be allowed to sub-let.

Photo:Thanks to http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2006/08/09/dining/09mang.1.190.jpg

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