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Friday, August 24, 2007

Is MBJB Liable for Death Caused by Neglect?

This story about compensation in Kuantan indicates that the accident that caused the death of a pillion rider could also be attributable to the negligence of the MBJB in maintaining the roads in a safe condition.

This would be a good case to sue the MBJB for the loss of life of a young man.

Perhaps someone also needs to get killed at this demolished road divider that is now in its third month of disrepair.

Meanwhile the JB City market had its roof repaired about 2 years ago and already the repaired sections are leaking profusely. I suspect the contractor used paper thin GI sheets or some moron decided to do some welding on the roof and caused the start of corrosion.

I suppose one cannot expect incompetents to understand basic engineering.

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