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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Inspector-General of Police on RTM2

There was an interesting panel discussion on RTM at 11pm last night and I thought the IGP was quite impressive.

He comes across as a direct and dynamic leader and hopefully he will restore much of the lost confidence of the public in the Royal Malaysia Police.

He even did not oppose the views of the SMS poll that showed the public still wants the independent commission so that the force will achieve more.

We were not told why his contract was extended by another 2 years after the first year but don't be surprised if the IPCMC is formally announced just before the next General Elections as a vote getting gimmick.

I suggest the IPCMC should be done earlier so that by the time the elections are announced, the public will be able to see some tangible results and not just more promises.

We have been fed many promises already but with little results.


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