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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did a Meteorite Crash into Malaysia?

It is good that the various government agencies are taking firm measures to bring errant bus companies and drivers to book.

Not taking action against those who flout traffic rules is tantamount to allowing killers on the roads and it is disappointing that we do not have a continuous and consistent law enforcement by the various Director-Generals instead of the so-called blitz which lasts a week or a month and then it is back to the old bad habits. That is the reason for the sarcastic heading.

It is not as if the government is short of manpower - it seems we are at least 40% overstaffed but you can guess what some people are doing in the civil service.

It should be a fairly simple process to establish a database for the various departments to collate data on a weekly/monthly basis to determine how effective is any enforcement agency.

For example - the JPJ can do an analysis of demerit points and offences committed by drivers:

Points exceeding 20 - action level 50 per 100,000 drivers
Summons unpaid - action level exceeds - RM200,000
Warrants not enforced - action level exceeds 50 per 100,000 drivers

As we get better, the action levels can be reduce as we tighten up on standards. These are not definitive items - I am sure the JPJ can come up with better suggestions.

The main point I would make is that it should not take an specific order from the Minister to get such measures taken. The actions by the various departments should be what is expected as a routine activity.

Only then will we be able to enjoy peace of mind on our roads.

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Trashed said...

The questions should be why this is not a routine task undertaken by the authorities.

If they have been doing it, then the next question is why no action is taken based on the information in the database.