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Monday, August 6, 2007

Maybe Even City Mayors Should Not be Sports Officials

There is some discussion on whether ministers and other public officials should hold positions in sports associations.

My opinion is that we should not make rules that treat our leaders like small schoolboys to be told on what they can or cannot do.

The real test is whether the minister is able to discharge his duties competently and able to work as a responsible member of the Cabinet that is tasked with allocating and spending billions of the nation’s wealth.

Ministers should be measured by specific job performance and if they do not measure up they should be replaced without too much hesitation or the whole system deteriorates.

Some will argue that the PM too should not be holding so many posts like Finance and Internal Security as lapses in those departments surely means that the PM too is not competent.

Having given my general feeling on not treating ministers like small schoolboys, there could be a case in JB as to why even the City Mayor should not hold outside posts.

This is a series of photos taken in Taman Melodies within a 3km radius of City Hall.

The first photo is a Rukun Tetangga hut that is more than 10 years old. The hut is built next to a large tree and covers a drain that has been obstructed by the building floor.

The second shot is taken to the left of the shed and shows the leaves and rubbish that have collected in the drain.

The third shot is a view of the interior taken through the broken windows. If you look carefully you can see a puddle of dirty stagnant water.

Now do you think that the Ministers of Health and Local Housing should be looking into this serious health hazard?


Zawi said...

Dear H J Angus,
I dont know whether any relevant person will see what you wrote and the pictures that you posted in your blog. Thus nothing will ever be done by them to address the problem.
How nice if we could have the relevant authorities build a blogsite for us citizen to voice or point to them whatever things we are not satisfied about. In a way we will be helping them to identify their problems which in turn will solve our problem. But are they interested to listen to our grouses?
As far as I can see all the people in high position are only interested in getting publicity and maybe some free rides. To the committe thay may high expectation of the figure to head their committee in the hope that sucha figure will fascilitate the many needs of the Association they are involved with. By right The Mayors, The MB's will open several doors for them that they have found to be very difficult to open on their own strength.

PeterP said...

The setting up of a blogsite is a very constructive idea zawi, but as you say are they willing to listen to even such constructive ideas ?

Such a site, would be a record of things that are wrong and also of how long it takes the authorities to solve the problems.

If all issues highlighted, are accompanied by photos as HJ has done here, there will only be genuine complaints.

H J Angus said...

Dear zawi and peterp
Thanks for your comments.

I sent an email to the DatukBandar with this url. Let's see if anything happens.

MBJB has a site where you can lodge reports online but I could not do it as all in BM and quite complicated.