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Friday, August 17, 2007

How Secure Do You Feel on the Bus Called Malaysia?

That is the question for you to ponder as we approach the 50th Anniversary of Merdeka.(Technically that is correct for Malaysia was formed later)

Since we had the tragic bus accident, I think it is appropriate to consider how we are doing on the Highway to being a developed nation.

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Zawi said...

A Few years ago I thought we would be a prosperous nations. I was amazed that a bus driver from Yemen commented on Malaysia as the Tiger of Asia when i was performing my Haj then. Dr. Mahathir must be doing a good job then. He must have made a big cake for everyone of us to share whatever our creed or race. I really felt secure then. That was before the crash of 98.
After that it was history but somehow Dr.Mahathir did manage to salvage the nation from the brink of bankruptcy but now only I came to realise the cost of it.
Things are getting worse now. Even as a Malay I am not sure how secure we are. The non Malays are envious of us cos the NEP seems to be the umbrella that can shelter the Malays. To me its a myth. NEP is just a tool for the select few Malays to enrich themselves and their cronies. Cronies here can be of any race or religion. Persons like Ananda Krishnan, Patrick Lim aka Patrick Badawi do profit too. Maybe we do get some crumbs but thats all.
If you ask me how safe is the bus called Malaysia? I am not sure myself. maybe our generation and the next can still survive but the generation after that maybe difficult when the oil and gas reserve runs out.
HJ, I am quite perplexed as to why the column Add Comment on my new post is missing. It happened after my latest posting. No wonder you didnt manage to post on the new post but post on the older post instead. What went wrong?
For your reply please use my gmail.
Thanks man.

Zawi said...

Managed to find the cause at the Post Options switch.
Thanks anyway.

H J Angus said...

Thanks for your thoughts.

May I suggest you also write some articles in BM so that a wider audience can be reached.

Agree with your comments that the "smart" people have hijacked government policies(?) to enrich themselves.