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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Basic Integrity Lacking in Government Leaders

The Star newspaper says it all.

"Barisan Nasional big guns roll into northern state to hand out goodies"
It sure looks like an election campaign and the election fever is definitely on. But since when?
The Prime Minister has yet to dissolve Parliament and yet all the government leaders are working 24/7 to ensure they retain power.

In other words they are campaigning using taxpayers' funds and resources. The Elections Commission should look into such electioneering since the date has not been officially announced.

Even Pakistan with all its troubles made a decent 2-month long period for their elections and better still, they installed a caretaker government.

Perhaps this analogy may help clarify the situation:

Suppose you are robbed while you are outdoors by some robbers.
You plead with them and they return you a few ringgit so you can get home.
Are you supposed to feel grateful for their "kind" act?

I suggest that the goodies being so freely doled out are like peanuts leftover from a much larger horde.
SHAME on the Government Leaders for abuse of power!


yellowkingdom said...

I am disgusted and abhorred by such blatant disregard for the Election Commission's authority and regulations. Clearly, the deafening silence of the EC is a stark betrayal of the people's expectation of clean and fair elections.

Zawi said...

H J,
He chose this chairman of EC to do his biddings, so dont expect him to do anything to hurt his mater.