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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rather Pricey Computers?

The Immigration Department has made good use of technology to improve efficiency and I wrote earlier on how I got a new passport within the hour.

This new equipment will reduce the hassle for foreign workers who do not have their documents and reduce the amount of unnecessary arrests.

However the price quoted at RM9000 per computer appears rather high as one can get a good laptop for half the price. Equipment to read thumbprints or to scan IDs may cost a few hundred ringgit.

Another case to become a footnote in the A-G's report for 2008?

Photo: Thanks to the Star

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Zawi said...

h j angus,
As is often the case, making supplies to government is always lucrative. More often than not they are on direct nego basis with several reasons concocted to make it valid for such a procurement. If they were to be tendered out, the price maybe much lower as technology is quite cheap nowadays.
Who wants to save cost anyway?