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Friday, February 1, 2008

NO Siree! There Could Not Have Been any "Gentleman's Agreement!

As reported in malaysiakini and the MSM, the PM has rejected TDM's claim that there was a gentleman's agreement for the former to step down after one term in office to make way for his preferred kaki.

I must say this is a novel way to run a modern state; correction a third world nation where one can dictate who gets the most powerful position in the land. I guess a Prime Minister can also then make a selection as follows:

"Okay AAA for the next 2 terms,
then BBB for 2 terms,
my son for as long as he likes,
then CCC for 2 terms,
DDD for 2 terms,
then my grandson for as long as he likes"

Does it not look ridiculous? The citizens are being denied the chance to elect their leaders. Just look at the ongoing USA Presidential elections. At the end of the campaign, the Americans will know what the candidate stands for and can decide on the issues.

As for a "gentleman's agreement" the basic ingredient is missing - we need to have two gentlemen for this and I don't think we had that. It also seems incredulous for TDM with his vast experience in politics to have operated on that basis - maybe he forgot where he put the agreement or maybe the videotape?

I guess he would need more positive proof to show the so-called "gentleman's agreement."

One act of ungentlemanly conduct I can remember was when during the "Buy British Last" campaign many years ago, the British owned property Carcosa was rudely taken back from the British government.

1 comment:

PeterP said...

Sure thinks he is the 'king-maker' !!

How presumptuous of him to think we should only have leaders handpicked by him?

By the way did he also have another 'gentleman's agreement' with his preferred kaki ?