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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can Malaysians Change?

This is something for you to ponder during the CNY break.
If you have time to watch CNN, there is a very good coverage on the elections for the Presidency of the United States of America.

I watched both Obama and Clinton as they gave speeches to their supporters in the midst of "Super Tuesday" an important mark in the election campaign to win delegates for the presidential nomination.

Obama seemed more confident and spoke as if he were the US President. It was interesting that both candidates praised the other person and so avoided a split in the Democratic Party.

Obama message was "We Can Change" and change was the major theme of his campaign. One interesting fact of his bid for the nomination was that he managed to raise more than US$20m in donations from ordinary folks by using the Internet.

Maybe this is one way the opposition can quickly raise funds for the general elections in Malaysia. For BN, money is no object as the leaders simply cheat by making use of government machinery and facilities.

One sentence from Obama's speech is significant. He said,
"You are the change you seek."

What that means is don't depend on anyone else to make the change - if you want change you have to start with yourself.
The first thing to do to help Malaysia progress is to help the Opposition win more seats in the next Parliament.

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PeterP said...

Yes, I want a change !!