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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Malaysians Can Get Away with Murder.....

The facts of this case are disturbing.

According to the article,

"According to the statement of facts, a colleague had asked Mohd Daim to hurt or cause the death of Leong who worked at the outlet.
On the night of Dec 31, Mohd Daim and Muzaffar waited for Leong to emerge from the discotheque and followed him to his car. Mohd Daim shot Leong four times with a revolver in the left shoulder, waist and thigh. A post-mortem report revealed that Leong died from excessive blood loss."

MD was asked to carry out a murder and yet he is getting away with such a simple jail sentence.
Is he licensed to own a revolver?
Who asked him to carry out the killing?

What is the DPP thinking?
"However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Ishrakh Saad said that a life had tragically been lost."

This is not a tragic loss of life. That happens in an accident. This was a cold-blooded murder. Where is the justice in Malaysia?


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PeterP said...

It seems strange that the colleague who had placed the 'contract' on Leong had not been charged !!