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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wrong to Use ACA for Screening Potential Candidates

This is the height of political arrogance and is clearly abuse of power.
Furthermore it shows that the ACA has become a tool of their political masters and the government agency is being used for the wrong purpose.

We all know the ACA has been struggling to get convictions for important corruption cases especially when it involves the rich and the important.

According to this article in the New Straits Times,

"He also did not say if these people would be charged in court.

“We have an agreement with the ACA that all information will remain confidential,” he added.

He said there was no point revealing their names as they had not been charged in court."

Can the ACA make such agreements?
Is the ACA authorised to use their resources to check out such private matters when no corruption report has been officially lodged?
Where is the professionalism and dedication to their official duties when top politicians can order the ACA to do their bidding?

This is a real let-down after all the recent budget increase to upgrade the nation's anti-corruption capability.

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