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Monday, February 25, 2008

Man Does Not Live By Cooking Oil Alone.......

As part of the General Elections in Malaysia, the BN has paid good money for a full-page advert praising itself for keeping prices low for a few staple products like flour, cooking oil and petrol.

They compare the prices of these goods to those in neighbouring countries and of course all the items are cheaper here. I wonder why toll charges are not included as they are also a main contributor to the rising cost of living.

I spent Sunday in Singapore and visited the NTUC Supermarket that just opened below the block where my wife's flat is located. As usual I did some price checks and quickly became like one of those Singaporeans who often go "Cheap, Cheap" when shopping in Malaysia.

I had spotted some lovely apples and oranges of superior quality that were going for a reasonable price. I bought some at S$1.65 and S$1.55 for five pieces each. That works out to RM3.72 and RM3.50 or RM0.75 to RM0.70 each.

The quality was really good and you could pick and choose the best ones. Just a few days earlier I had bought six oranges in a netting at a major supermarket chain and it cost me RM6.99. Now if I had to grade the quality in terms of size and eating enjoyment, the ones bought in Singapore would be rated at "A" and the JB ones at "D".

I guess the "D" grading could also apply to some political parties and those they propose to represent us at the coming General Elections. Maybe like those apples and oranges, we should examine the candidates more carefully and not simply buy all that expensive packaging.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.shopgetorganized.com/images/p31504b.jpg. We can give those bananas to MPs who behave like apes!

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PeterP said...

Hopefully, Malaysians will send less ape-like creatures to the next Parliament.