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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Malaysian Voters Can be Marginalised.....

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All the details were analysed from the Star supplement on 25th February 2008.
Basically, all the seats were analysed and the table shows the ratio of the smallest seat compared to the largest seat in the state.

The results are interesting:

The smallest ratio within the state is for Perlis at 1.19 which means the largest seat has about 20% more votes - that seems a reasonable and acceptable difference.

The largest ratio is for the Federal Territories where the puny seat of Putrajaya has only 6608 voters compared with 72628 voters for Bandar Tun Razak - this means that about 1 voter in Putrajaya has the same power as 11 voters from BTR. How can this be acceptable? The seat of Putrajaya should be scrapped or combined with any of the other FT seats or one of the Selangor seats. There is really no compelling reason for a special seat here.

If you care to check out the table on the composition of the largest seats and the smallest seats for the different states, another disturbing trend is seen.

For the smallest seats, all 14 seats are Malay majority.
For the largest seats, 9 have Malay majority while 5 have Chinese majority.

Sarawak also has more disturbing trends.
Two new seats were created, namely P128 Sibuti(22,143)(carved out of Miri) and P221 Limbang(20,315) carved out of Bukit Mas (now known as P222 Lawas). If one looks at the composition of Sibuti, it is designed to create another seat for the Malay/Melanau as Miri(55,963) is still strongly Chinese dominated.

Why did they not create 2 more equal seats from the old Miri with about 38,000 voters each?

Why create Limbang and Lawas by splitting Bukit Mas(~36,000) when Stampin(P196) remains untouched with more than 67,000 voters? Unless the basic reason is that the latter is 75% Chinese?

Is this the type of manipulations we should tolerate from the EC? How can Malaysians enjoy a fair and free elections? Shame on the EC!

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