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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Use your vote wisely!

There is a saying, "You get the government you deserve."

I wonder if that applies to countries like Malaysia where electoral boundaries are created by the Elections Commission that enables rural voters to have a disproportionate share of seats in Parliament; sometimes in the order of 3:1 ratio in their favour.

However I still urge all Malaysians not to be complacent but to come out to vote and play your role in the democratic process. If you believe the government has failed in its duties, you should vote against the BN that many feel have become too arrogant after ruling the nation for 50 years.

No political party is perfect that that also applies to BN parties.
The DAP's problems have been high-lighted in the press and malaysiakini with the incumbent from Batu Gajah refusing to contest for whatever reasons.

To me a political party should operate on the basis of principles and not personalities and the DAP should respect her wish and move forward. If the matter is handled in a sensible and sensitive manner, it should be possible for her to return to active politics in the future.

For the BN I found the PM's television clip rather insipid when he remarked the candidates' list was not final untill he gave his approval. Looks like BN is operating like a dictatorship with the Chairman of BN playing the role of emperor. What happened to the equal partnership?
It looks as if all the BN components are willing and eager to comply like wimps.
If the seats had been allocated and agreed among the parties, why should the PM need to dictate which person is proposed by his party?
No wonder we end up with MPs who are so compliant in Parliament with barely an original thought except when the bodily functions of women are involved.

There are the main issues that I am not happy about:

1.The delay in the completion of the "crooked" no bridge in JB. The project was launched in indecent haste and we had to "compensate" the contractor for the cancellation of about RM300m.

2.The switch to English for education. No proper planning as usual and even today, teachers still use BM to teach as it seems 85% of the students cannot understand the lessons in English.

3.Failure to implement to IPCMC is an indication that the police are just too corrupt to be reformed by an equally corrupt administration.

4.Inquiry on the Lingam tapes. Appears more like damage control especially since the elections are called before the report is published. It looks like the first 3-man panel was just to buy time.

Can you add to this list?

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