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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reflecting the Government's Lacksadaisical Indiscipline......

Oops they did it again....
Just as the Eye on Malaysia loses more money with each spin of its wheel, we now note that Putrajaya will also go down this wayward path of splurging monies on dubious projects.

Why don't they offer to pay RM5m for that ill-located Eye and bring it to Putrajaya on wheels rather than sinking RM30m on a project that will become a financial burden? That way, the wheel can be transported anywhere in Malaysia maybe to coincide with Merdeka celebrations.

The project costs are also alarming. RM30m could be better used to improve the public transport system in KL and the Klang valley. But if some private company wants to build this tower, they could be allocated land at a special price for a 10 to 20 years lease.

Another tower made the news on the same day - but the heading was rather inauspicious.

"Wiring-glitch delays Malacca’s revolving tower"
According to the story,

"He said technicians had wrongly fixed the cables and junction boxes had not been installed at all."

Guess someone was trying to cut costs. I wonder who pays for the Swiss engineers who are now staying for an additional two weeks at a cost of at least RM1500 per day. If we assume just 2 engineers, that would mean RM4000 per day including hotel costs etc.

Maybe it's the same contractor who gave them lemons for the Malacca cctvs that were in the news about a month ago.

Photo: thanks to the Star

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Zawi said...

They will do anything to screw the money that can be better used for something else. This will go on a long as this government is led by a PM who couldnt care less.