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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ideas to Improve the Quality of the High Court Judges

That was the aim of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 32 that posed the question-

"How Can We Improve the Quality of the High Court Judges?"

Thanks to the 68 readers who took the trouble to share their views:

30 pollsters or 44% chose "We Should Have a Commission to Appoint Judges"

14 or 21% felt that "Muslim Judges Should Not Allow Themselves to be Influenced by Religious Beliefs"

13 or 19% chose "The Judges Should be More Multi-racial and Multi-Religious"

6 or 9% felt that "We Need to Take Correct Actions Based on the Lingam Tapes"

5 or 7% chose "The System is All Right Now"

Based on the poll 93% want the system to improve.

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