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Friday, February 22, 2008

Making Things Happen for the Future of Malaysia

I had lunch yesterday with three friends and our age ranged from about 50 to 68; all old guys.

Of course the elections was a hot topic and I casually remarked that I would definitely vote opposition even if it were PAS in my area. I have never voted for PAS before but I think the BN needs to be shaken from its race-based formulations.

My three friends were rather shocked and argued that even if the opposition were to win more seats what could they achieve?

So I told them that if everyone adopts that attitude, things would never improve in Malaysia. The shocking fact is that we all agree that things are "really bad" and someone even mentioned "no hope left" for Malaysia as other countries are rapidly overtaking us.

Someone mentioned "what can our 4 votes do?"
So I told him that we all need to go back home and speak to our relatives and friends that all of us have a part to play and not simply hope that a miracle will happen and things will improve without out efforts.

I am sure you have all heard of the frogs that are swimming in a pot of water that is being brought to the boil. I just wonder if during the past 25 years, the temperature has already reached the fatal temperature and many Malaysians simply cannot believe they can make things happen if they choose.



PeterP said...

Yes, many seem to forget the “by the people, for the people” part of that famous definition. We must realize that the destiny of this country is in our votes.

We have been having roti canai and teh tarik from the same stall for years now and should not really question the quality and taste of the food at the neighbouring stall UNTIL we have been there at least once! After all, we do have the option to come back to our favourite stall later.

Chauncey Gardener said...

You get the govt that you voted in. Why can't people understand that ?

By not voting, that doesn't allow the wheels of change to move.

BTW, 50-68 yrs is not old at all.