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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That 2/3 Majority and Illogical Arguments from the DPM

Elections Fever is an interesting ailment as often we can hear all kinds of flawed reasoning to hoodwink the electorate.

According to this NST article, our acting "DPM stressed that it was crucial for the BN to retain its two-thirds majority in parliament as a prerequisite of strong government."

"Having a strong government would, among others, build confidence among investors. In this era of globalisation, they would only invest in our capital market if they had confidence.

"If we have a weak government which can collapse at any time, they would and invest in other countries which have a stronger and more stable government."

What happened during the last Parliament when BN won 90% of the seats? During that period, Malaysia lost out to other more competitive and transparent markets like Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

If we just look at the bloated Cabinet, that is what happens when the BN became too successful - they simply created more posts to feed the winners; always at the taxpayers expense.

Given the better coperation among the opposition this time, it is possible that the BN will lose its arrogant 2/3 majority position and I hope that happens for it will be the start of a more responsive and responsible government.

Are you going to make it happen?

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Baxter Ma said...

hello..just happen to reach ur blog while searching for "doctors without borders" on google (weird!) ...but i do share ur sentiment...who is BN to call themselves the government? If the opposition wins..they will become the government...and BN the opposition. It's time for a change but Malaysian will always be malaysians...The prospects are grim i'm afraid. Maybe all of us see the need for change but no one is willing to act...there is also no strong voice and leadership that inspires change...i feel defeated.