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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Going GLOCAL?? They Should Ban this Word....

Already we suffer from a poor English language syndrome in the schools; with many teachers being unable to teach the language properly.

Those who come from the old school system where English was the medium of instruction will know what I am talking about.

Instead of using simple terms that we can understand, the DPM has the habit of this term "glocal" that is quite mystifying.
It is supposed to mean that you think globally and act locally.

There is an interesting read here from malaysiakini.

Presumably the space tourist or astronaut from Malaysia is a example of a "glocal" Malaysian.
How about those who get crony contracts locally and then arrange to collect illegal payments overseas?
But surely we do have this type of Malaysians aplenty?

I have just one simple solution to creating more Malays who will be proud of their own successes. Get rid of the subsidy mentality induced by 37 years of NEP brainwashing and the Malays will become a proud race.

How can they attain greater success or self-esteem if they get put down all the time by their own leaders?

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