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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A MakeOver for Malaysia ?

The signs of ageing are everywhere.

Just read the many articles in malaysiakini and the letters from disgruntled citizens on a gamut of issues from corruption in high places to simple things like road repairs.

Just within the past month we read the following stories:

The BERSIH March to the palace.
The need to set up a Royal Commission to check out matters regarding the Judiciary.
The collapse of a new building in BELUM.
The RM4.5b project in PKFZ
The accelerating decline of local universities in THES ratings.
The loss of FDI to other Asean nations.

As the world becomes more competitive, Malaysians need to wake up and realise that old systems do not work anymore and we need to become a more united nation spending less energy on tribal conflicts and parochial interests.

Our leaders need to foster a sense of nationhood and not play the usual racist cards even after 50 years as an independent nation.

Maybe we need a major makeover with the BN government offering to form a government of national unity together with the move to disband ALL the race-based parties that have really prevented the nation from growing up.

I predict that if we do not do anything to phase out the racist parties, Malaysia will join the same category as the poorer African nations in the next 30 years. It is not a question of "if but when".


Janis said...

Well said Angus.
It's well known this UMNO led govt is already bankrupt of ideas. Now many of its members are more interested in making hay while the sun shines. The party is starting to implode if you know what I mean.
Given the demographics they will still rule for a while yet and the country will continue to suffer until the Malays themselves wake up to find out they have been taken for a ride all this while. Already a good number of Malays have woken up, some even going on the Bersih march. Non Malays have no political clout to change things in Malaysia.

H J Angus said...

thanks janis for your comments.

This could be the epitaph for Malaysia.

"Never were so many cheated of so much by so few for so many years."