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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Importance of Patriotic Citizens in the Royal Commission

Now that the government has agreed to set up a Commission of Inquiry into the infamous tape allegations, it is important that two elements are present to ensure that we are able to re-make the Judiciary so that this important body will regain its past glory.

An honest Government should not be afraid of a strong judiciary as it forms the third pillar of a strong society. For more than 20 odd years the Judiciary was infested with a wasting disease.

Therefore this article in malaysiakini needs careful consideration.

The other important criterion for the RCI is that the terms of reference should be as broad and as deep as possible and we need to cure the patient and not simply prescribe Panadol to ease the pain of a patient with a serious cancer.

Selecting a dream team is good but they won't score goals if the referee decides that the game will be played without balls.

I suggest to our PM that with his past declaration of fighting corruption, this RCI should merit his urgent attention and not left to a minister.

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