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Monday, November 5, 2007

The NEP Has Failed. PERIOD

When one reads a story like this in malaysiakini,it does not a rocket scientist to figure out that a poorly implemented policy like the NEP will never succeed when there is a lack of accountability and non-existent checks and balances.

Those with the proper connections will get immensely wealthy (think APs for a start) while those who are uneducated will just get left behind. Sadly in life that happens anyway but when you start a skewed program like the NEP, there will be many who also try to become qualified and the pool of "grabbers" becomes larger all the time.

I am thinking of those recent migrants and those who marry locals. Many don't have strong religious convictions to start with and so getting converted to another religion is no big deal - after all, the bonanza is quite substantial.

Now after about 40 years people still talk about more NEP - these people are absolutely greedy and will only stop if we turn off the NEP gravy train.

I only support poverty eradication programs based on the following "race-blind" concepts:
1.The government will provide annual grants to charity groups.
2.Work for aid programs will benefit the poor based on needs testing.
3.The poor and uneducated will be counselled to care for smaller families.
4.The government will grant one scholarship for a useful career to each poor family so that the cycle of poverty will be broken.

If we simply carry on as before, do you seriously think the NEP can succeed in another 20 years?

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PeterP said...

Eastern Corridor RM112 billion
Northern Corridor RM117 billion
Iskandar Regional Corridor RM 47.6 billion

As the pool of grabbers gets larger so does the loot (now called corridors).