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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another NEP Justification?

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Looks as if the goal-posts are being shifted again.

What an inappropriate point to justify more NEP - this time from the PM himself as reported in malaysiakini.
He declared that "Although it has been 37 years since the introduction of the NEP, we have not made Malays rich by seizing the wealth of the non-Malays.

"The list of the richest individuals in Malaysia is still led by non-Malays,” he said in opening the annual Umno meet in Kuala Lumpur today.

If we read between the lines, it seems the NEP must continue untill the list is not led by non-Malays.

I always thought that the NEP was a poverty eradication program and not a Who's Who Ladder of the Rich and Famous.

The solution to the Maths Question =
{sum of (P times Annual Budget) for N years}/(sum of C) for N years

where P = percentage of annual budget allocated
N = number of years of the NEP
C = number of cronies for each year.

How many billions do you estimate the nation has lost due to the greed of the rich and powerful?

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Bernard said...

You are right. I am sickened by this rhetoric about non-Malays leading the rich list and unceasing envy of the non-Malays average household income being 3 times higher than the Malay household. The UMNO delegate had the gall to quote 18% as the Malay share of the economy. Where the hell did he pluck this figure? Our DPM had not kept his promise to reveal the formula after more than a year. Why has NEP been twisted to be about Malays achieving 30% of the economy rather than the original objective of eradicating poverty regardless of race? NEP has been hijacked by the rogue politicians for their insatiable greed and evil agendas.