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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Think Malaysians Can be Weaned from the Government

malaysiakini has this article headlined "Gov’t to wean M’sians from subsidies" but I prefer my own heading.

Saturday will see a major clash between the police and the Bersih marchers who want to present a petition to the Agong for a freer and fairer Election Commission that has publicly declared they are really dependent on the government to operate.

It is common knowledge that polls are not really truly fair as an urban voter is under-represented compared to a rural voter and the voting conditions of the armed forces and the police remain shrouded in mystery.

The inaction with respect to the "scandalous judge" also shows the authorities prefer the problem evaporates with the retirement of the Chief Justice.

The third argument for electoral reforms could be the lack of local elections that should be the testing ground for potential candidates and a basic practice of a democracy.

These must be serious problems for the ordinary folks who have taken the trouble to spend the week-end travelling to Kuala Lumpur to try to present a petition to their king.

Yes I think it is possible to wean Malaysians from the subsidies and we should consider the next step and that is to wean Malaysians from their government. Only after the weaning will the nation truly progress.

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