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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Working within a Flawed System?

It is a sign of awakening consciousness that the HINDRAF members decided to defy the law and stage their protest as reported in this malaysiakini article.

There were some comments by prominent leaders that for a march to occur, a police permit is required and if you don't have that, police action is necessary.
The question that can be asked is,
"Why was a police permit offered to someone when the protest march was held against the US Secretary of State a few months ago?"

Not only was that protest not disruptive but they also burned the American flag to insult a guest of the government.
I wonder if that caused the US authorities to put in less effort to enhance the photos that our police had to submit to them in the possible identification of a murder suspect in the murder of the 9-year old girl.

But back to trying to win in elections as some commentators said of those who want to form an opposition:

1.Where is the proper media coverage of opposition candidates?
2.When do the TV stations broadcast opposition messages so that we the Voters are given the opportunity to choose?
3.When will the government run the first truly democratic general elections by vacating their posts and not make use of government facilities during the election campaign?

We should learn a little from the Australians down south. Even with a booming economy, Howard was given the boot as Australians know the benefit that the country will enjoy with new leadership.

In Malaysia it seems that the more authority we surrender to the government, the more force they are prepared to use against peaceful protests.

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