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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SUHAKAM Should Not Be So Wishy-Washy

While it is good that SUHAKAM has now decided to hold a public inquiry, it should not appear to be so vacillating in its decision-making.

In the first article in malaysiakini, a spokesman was quoted as saying "Section 12 of the Human Rights Commission Act 1999 forbids the commission from investigating human rights violation complaints when related cases are being argued in court."

Today it seems the Commission has had a change of heart.

SUHAKAM should deliberate carefully before making such important decisions or it loses much of its credibility. If in doubt about legal matters it should seek proper legal advice.

This body can also request that laws be amended if they impede the proper functioning of such an important body.

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stcin said...

SUHAKAM has humiliated and toyed me around since 24-7-2000 when I was called to KL from Ipoh, 500km to-fro journey, just to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY !
I was treated as a silly 'guinea-pig' just for the commissioners to try out how INQUIRY was conducted !!