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Thursday, November 8, 2007

We Didn't Miss Much, Really..

This article in malaysiakini laments the fact that there were no newspapers in Malaysia on account of the Deepavali holiday.

So Indian newpaper vendors are being targetted as they control the supply chain. The article also suggests that "the Malays are often at the bottom of the supply chain."

I am sure that many readers will argue that Malays are always at the top of the supply chain; getting lucrative contracts that are then subcontracted to others to do the hard work.

And those newspapermen would be glad to get more profitable work to do; like being employed in the civil service.

As for farmers being poor, it is really how they manage the farms and apply themselves. No one can deny the major success of FELDA, many members there became millionaires after working the land after 20 years.

Going back to the top of the supply chain, instead of granting individuals taxi licences therby encouraging the poor to become independent, the permits were granted to a few connected companies and all the drivers became a form of cheap labour.

As for the PM's speech, it is still being delivered in a racist setting - there has been some toning down but all these years the message is still the same.

No Siree we really did not miss much and it is good those newspaper vendors took time out for their family and friends.


PeterP said...

Targeting the Indian vendors is wrong. For instance I too did not get my paper and my newspaper is delivered by a Chinese man (sometimes by his wife). On CNY and Hari Raya too, I'm deprived of my daily and surely that's not because the Indian vendors are celebrating as well !

marcus said...

This KJ guy is just too much! Come on...be more sensitive! It's Press holiday!