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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wrong about the Judiciary-Fixing Tapes?

Looks as if some of us armchair critics got a few things wrong as malaysiakini just reported that a Royal Commission will be set up to investigate the matter.

I have a few articles on the subject and am proven wrong on the following counts:
1.The independent "no-power" panel will not be effective.
2.The authorities will simply ignore the findings.

In fact the poll on my blog had an overwhelming selection (80%) out of 850+ respondents choosing "the RCI" and "a tribunal for the ex-Chief Justice".

It is imperative that we all address this serious task for without a good judiciary, the foundation of society is eroded and will collapse like that RM4.5m building in Belum.

Let us support the PM to address this cornerstone of our society. A properly functioning justice system plus a police force with integrity is a basic necessity for the nation to progress. Crooked politicians can be easily replaced if an electorate is enlightened.

1 comment:

PeterP said...

Since the report of the panel has not been made public, we can only speculate as to what the panel recommended.

I have a few questions :

a) Was it one three-man panel or three one-man panels ?
b) Why did they need so long to submit their report(s)?
After all, they did not have the expertise to verify if the tape was authentic.
c) Why did they individually submit their reports? Was it because they couldn’t come to a consensus? Did the three men have different views on the way forward?

We can only speculate.

So, until the publication of the report(s), I don’t think that you were proven wrong in any of your articles.

Keep up the good work.