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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good News for Malays....

.... if only you get rid of leaders who brainwash the masses that you are weak and incompetent and forever insisting you need a tongkat from birth so that you can get a diamond-studden one by the time you die with the Never Enough Program that creates millionaires of cronies but perpetuates the cycle of poverty as billions are wasted on white elephant projects.

The HINDRAF protests that you read about in malaysiakini are the result of years of neglect and lack of fair policies.

The photo taken fron the front page of the Straits Times shows the top PSLE student for 2007 and she scored the highest mark ever achieved for the history of the primary 6 school year.

What is amazing is that she is a Malay and also both her parents are Malay. If you read her story, you will get the following family background.

Both her parents are non-graduates
She has a small family, with just a younger sister
Her father did not have to support another wife.

Natasha is not the first high scoring Malay. In 2005 a Malay boy scored 282 and topped his year.

So we should not perpetuate the myth in Malaysia that Malays need more crutches like the failed NEP. Instead we should have programs to empower them to achieve more and build on their success.

Picture: thanks to the Straits Times


mandelism said...

congrats. this proves the long belief that everyone regardless of race are capable in achieving anything!.
only reason y politicians keeps on saying Malays are weak is becoz they want to be in power.

Trashed said...

She is also in a "mission" school - omigosh, that's the wrong type of school for a Malay to be in, if the UMNO politicians had a say !