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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Man who would Be King.....

The last time I checked, Malaysia is still a democratic nation and yet we have so-called "leaders" that want to deny others the right to express their views in a peaceful manner.

According to this malaysiakini article, the authorities have been urged to "come down hard on a planned mass rally calling for electoral reforms to be held in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 10".

This same person was offered a police permit to stage a demonstration when Condoleeza Rice came to Malaysia in July 2006.
They were allowed to burn flags and now this person is trying to deny others the same right that he so readily enjoyed.

The demo against the USA had the greater potential to harm the nation than the Bersih campaign that is asking for a free and fair elections.If the police simply deny the permit, it can be seen to be a non-partisan force and that is really bad for its already tarnished image.

The Bersih organisers should apply for a police permit and if that is denied, take them to the courts for being selective in their treatment of law-abiding Malaysians.

All moderate Malaysians should beware leaders who do not have any sense of decency and fair play.

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arifabdull said...

Tuan Haji,
jangan kita lupa, orang yang samalah yang telah 'hijacked' demontrasi di Kedutaan Burma itu.

hipokrit = munafik

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