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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Heads are Better than One.....

The sorry RCI continues to reveal the malaise that afflicts our nation; no that is too mild a condition - we should consider it as a malignant cancer.

The RCI has yet to publish its findings but for many Malaysians we fear the worst. The team in charge of the treatment does not know how to cure the patient.

This article gives a small insight on what has gone wrong in the Judiciary where we catch glimpses of jealousy and opposing groups. I did not know that the pursuit of Justice had so many faces. Isn't justice supposed to be blind?

Nowadays TDM is afflicted with amnesia and cannot remember many things that happened under his watch but he can remember that he does not need to give any reason why he did what he wanted to do. I wonder if he remembers he sacked Tun Salleh Abbas and how he did it. Can he remember how he selected the subsequent CJs or is Malaysia going to go down the drain not knowing why and how?

We cannot allow such a state of affairs to continue and we need the next sitting of Parliament to change the procedure of appointing judges. Perhaps there is no need to change the constitution but this simple change would help a lot.

The PM should consult the CJ who will make two or three recommendations.
The persons selected must appear before a Parliamentary select committee who will approve/reject the candidate after a hearing.

As human beings are frail creatures, that may not be a fail-safe solution but one that I suggest is far superior to the whims and fancies of one man with unquestionable authority.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.wright.edu/cola/CRJ/images/justice_statue.jpg

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PeterP said...

Your proposed select committee is a good idea. However, such committee should not be shackled by a time frame to approve/reject the candidate. Furthermore the proceedings of the committee must be open to the public and even telecast live(beats watching the weilding of 'ceremonial' weapons).

Suddenly selective senility has become a common ailment among some elite.