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Monday, January 14, 2008

Malaysia - A Country of Tragedy, Comedy and Farce

Even as the search continues for another young girl who has been abducted, Malaysians are being subjected to the usual program of tragedy, comedy and farce that has highlighted the nation's agenda for the past 15 odd years.

All this has come about with leaders who have placed personal gains ahead of national interests and the issues related to improving public security and safety are only one example.

First of all, the girl goes missing and there is the public uproar. First this is a tragedy that should have been avoided.

Straight off the comedy unfolds, RM75m has been approved to install more CCTVs even though the effects of such systems are still in doubt. If you have those cameras that detect motorists who beat red lights in your town, how many of those are still working?

Then there is this story in the NST.Only 6 out of 20 CCTVs are functioning.
I guess this system is about 2 to 3 years old and the failure ratio is alarming.

CCTVs are only as good as those responsible for the proper maintenance and those who watch the cameras.

But the most important criterion for good public safety is a police force with INTEGRITY and the willingness to SERVE. We had a good chance to get the police force in order with the IPCMC but alas after almost 3 years, this effort has been hijacked with the SCC.

So we will still continue the series "Malaysia - A Country of Tragedy, Comedy and Farce"

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