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Friday, January 25, 2008

Judges and Lawyers Too Need Friends.....

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Reading the proceedings on the RCI for the Lingam tapes, one can infer that what is not disclosed can tell more about the things that went on between lawyers and judges.

Of course the lawyer in question is not going to buckle under the pressure and readily admit any alleged wrong-doing - after all he is a trained professional and looking at the people who may be implicated in fixing of judges who may then be more biased towards special clients, it is possible that he may have been warned of dire consequences if he decided to come clean ala the ex-Health Minister.

The take on being able to brag in one's own house and "talk with George Bush" is disingenuous but there is really too much coincidence of actual events in the drunken boast just like being in Changi and New Zealand at the same time.

With the tape's transcript verified and the speaker determined, the RCI should not have too many problems ascertaining that that was no idle boast but a declaration of an arrogant person who was obsessed with his influence.

It is hoped that the ACA will be able to reopen its files soon after the RCI publishes its conclusions.

Cartoon: Someone sent this in an email. Think it reflects the RCI in some ways.


Zawi said...

The hearing is just a show. Nothing significant will come about from it. The idea is just to humilaite a few persons in public and twist a few peoples arm so that they will keep quiet or be humiliated even more.
Who says justice is perfect and truth will prevail?

H J Angus said...

thanks for your comments.
It only show the shallow convictions of our leaders who profess great religious learning.